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The ultra thin, smooth surface condom fits better and feels better. It is especially designed for more contact and increased sensation. Very strong, yet very sensitive; and each condom is lubricated for a natural feeling. It is the closest thing to wearing nothing. 


What You Should Know About MALE CONDOMS

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Affordable
  • Non hormonal
  • Protection for STI & HIV / AIDS


Factors leading to condoms breaking or slipping

  • Torn by fingernails.
  • Prolonged or vigorous sexual intercourse.
  • Trapping of air bubbles inside the teat.(condom)
  • Condoms not stored properly.
  • Poor quality condoms.


Myths about male condoms

Condoms will burst during sexual intercourse
NO. If worn properly.

Condoms will not fit into the penis
NO. Condoms come in free sizes and they fit to any penis, regardless of size.

Condoms will give protection for STI
Yes. It will protect you from STIs including HIV.

Condoms will come off during sexual intercourse
NO. If worn properly it won’t come out.

Condoms will reduce the pleasure during intercourse
NO. It will not affect the pleasure of Love Making.


Who can use male condoms?

Condoms are a perfect method of contraception for couples who want to space their pregnancies and for those who want a short term reversible contraceptive method & for persons who have risky sexual behaviours.


What you should know about male condoms

  • Male condom is an effective contraceptive method.
  • It is a latex or rubber sheath which fits on the erect penis.


How do male condoms work?

  • It acts as a barrier and prevents the sperms entering the female vagina.


How is it fitted?

  • Remove the condom from the package carefully, to avoid tearing.

  • Squeeze the teat shaped edge to prevent air bubbles entering. The rim of the condom should be facing out.

  • Unroll the condom on the erect penis, upto the base of the penis.

  • After ejaculation, withdraw the penis in the erect position from the vagina. Hold on to the brim of the condom while withdrawing to prevent it from slipping off and the semen spilling in to the vagina.

  • Remove condom from penis, and tie a knot in it to prevent spillage or leakage. Discard by throwing into the dustbin, or burn (Do not flush it in the toilet).


Important :

  • Check the expiry date, then see if vaccum is intact.
  • Open the packet only by tearing from the serrated edge to prevent damage to the condom (Don’t use any sharp instrument or teeth to open the pack).
  • Condom should only be unrolled at the time of the sexual act and not before.
  • Apply the Condom only on an erect penis.
  • It should be worn before any vaginal contact (the pre-ejaculatory fluid may contain sperms).
  • Do not use creams or oil based lubricants with the condom as it may get damaged. But you may use water based lubricants.
  • A condom should be worn only once. Do not reuse.


What are the advantages ?

  • Protection from Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI's)

Protects against HIV/AIDS and other STI's like gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, chlamydia, trichomoniasis & etc.


  • For Short term contraception

Fertility is not affected.


  • Accessibility and affordability

It is readily available island wide, at different affordable costs suitable for all.


  • Effectiveness

With correct and consistent use it is more than 98% effective.


  • For pleasure

Ribbed, studded, flavoured, extra thin, extra thick & benzocaine containg condoms for increased pleasure and time of love making.


Are there any disadvantages?

Rare allergy can occur to rubber, latex or lubricant in the condom.